Is it correct that
“we are what we eat?”


What are your dreams in life? Do you like freedom What do you want more of? How do you want to work and with whom? Do you like simplicity? -


What do you want more of?

How do you want to work and with whom?

Do you like simplicity?

Do you like freedom


 ‘We are what we eat’ is a common expression. This ‘truth’ however, is being challenged and replaced by ‘We are what we can absorb“. Without nutritional absorption we cannot properly use or benefit from nutrients in healthy foods. Vitamins and minerals are almost useless if little or nothing will reach our cells. One very important key to GOOD HEALTH is therefore: improving our body’s nutritional absorption.


Continuous pressure to achieve, stress and a bad diet are the main reasons ever more people no longer feel up to the demands made on them at work and in their private lives.

Food supplements from our FitLine series will help you to conquer the challenges of day to day live better and to keep your health and achievement levels high to an advanced age.

The Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC®) developed by our scientist brings nutrients to where they are needed exactly when they are needed, to cell level. So you feel completely fit and able to function all day.

Many top athletes all over the world also appreciate our products’ advantages.

Certified manufacturing processes guarantee the consistently high quality and absolute purity of our food supplements.


  • A glass in the morning!    Wake up every morning with the feeling that something wonderful to happen

  • A glass in the evening!    Good night my treasure! Your body is your temple!  You are worth the best



Simple. Successful

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